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The Elements of Choice
“Whatever our religious or philosophical views, we may each trace our roots to the Great Tree of Peace. Whatever we call ourselves the result is the same—we are people living together on planet Earth. In this time it is our duty to transform the obstacles of prejudice expressed as “isms”. Let us put aside ideas of separation, for what occurs in one hemisphere, will surely be carried on the winds to the other hemisphere.” From Voices of Our Ancestors by Dhyani Ywahoo.
As in the quote listed above, a belief of the Cherokee Nation, we are all the same. We share the same earth, we breathe the same air, and we drink the same water from the veins of the same planet. We all come from the same ingredients and are created the same. We are the Earth, the Wind, the Water and the Air. There is no difference between you and I, we are just clouded by a veil of illusion. It was through looking at the elements that we are made of and studying how they effect us daily, not only throughout the environment but also within our subtle bodies, that I found not only am I the same as you, but I found my individuality.
I am mainly a Water type individual with secondary Earth qualities. I am an emotional being with groundedness about me. I ask myself daily, “how can I be of help to my Earth Family”? I have found with my elemental makeup, it is a gift of mine to have calmness about me. I have powerful emotions, yet I can stay somewhat grounded at all times. I try and use this gift in my everyday life. We are all made up of the elements but in different formulations, which helps to create our individuality. Knowing the gifts of the elements gives each individual the opportunity to create themselves and be better equipped for the obstacles we meet along our path. I often find myself pulling in the elements of Fire and Air, which are not as prominent in my makeup, for stirring the creation pot of my inner cauldron and creating movement within me. I use these gifts to construct my life. Fire gives you your creative force and gives you the will to be. Air sends these creations out to the universe for all to feel and become a part of. We all have the abilities to work with these elemental energies and be a creative force on the planet. This where choice comes in and plays a huge part of who we are.
“We have come beyond the beliefs of childhood to a stage in our lives where it is time to know who we are and how we are in relation to other things—and to be aware of our choice. Destiny is a matter of our thinking. Life unfolds in the world around us, and our interaction is a part of its unfolding. So the world situation is not happening to us; situations are the results of our collective thought and action.” From Voices of Our Ancestors by Dhyani Ywahoo. As you can tell, I love this book. The point being, we all have the opportunity to be and live with our own inner acceptance, learning to work with our subtle self’s and then in turn make choices which do not cause damage to all other beings including the Earth we walk upon. Calling in the elements helps to declare your individuality, while in the same process give each one of us the ability to choose how we walk our walk.

It is in the process of becoming that we face the ups and downs along our path. It is in the fall that we learn and it is in picking ourselves up that we grow. It is not the struggles in life that determine who we are but the path we choose to surmount them. We are all guided and in finding our inner truth and following our intuition, we find the strength and beauty to continue on our journey.  Ailynn

As a child, I believed in everything, I felt everything. As I grow older and spend time searching within, I begin to feel like a child again. How Awesome! I realize now that all those pieces of my life that have been of impact, are all being collected again and slowly placed in their home in my heart. Things that I gathered along the way and were strategically hidden are being found, picked up and now have a purpose. Memories that were stored away now surface and give me the opportunity to feel the emotion again and this time forgive and be forgiven. I now realize that the only truth behind my anger, jealousy and fear was that of Love. As this process of remembering emerges, I truly feel that the only emotion I could ever feel for anyone I have ever met is Love. This more than ever makes me realize that we are the creators of our being. We our the weavers of our Web. We are Spirit in form. As we each expand our light we have the ability to create our truth. We have the ability to share our light with one another and therefore see through the veil of illusion. Here, past the veil, we find a world without separateness, a world were each one of us can see Spirit in everything. A world of Love.


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